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Congratulations to the award recipients of the class of 2024!

We are currently seeking volunteers to join our 2025 selection committee.

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Hockinson Public Schools Foundation

The Hockinson Public Schools Foundation (HPSF) is a non-profit organization established in 2006 to support the Hockinson School District in Hockinson, Washington. The foundation was created by community members who recognized the need for additional funding to support education programs and services in the district.

The foundation's mission is to provide funding and resources to enhance educational opportunities for students in the Hockinson School District. The foundation's primary goal is to raise funds for deserving Hockinson students and graduates to further their education and support innovative educational programs and initiatives supporting higher post-secondary education.

Since its inception, the HPSF has raised over $1 million through fundraising events, grants, and donations from community members and local businesses. In addition, the foundation has funded a wide range of programs and initiatives, including teacher grants for classroom projects, STEM programs, arts and music programs, and technology upgrades.

The HPSF also promotes community involvement and volunteerism in the school district. The foundation works closely with school administrators, teachers, and community members to identify areas where additional resources and support are needed.

Hockinson Publics School Foundation (HPSF) strives to improve the quality of and increase support for public education served by Hockinson, with individual corporations, both public and private foundations, to build community support for Hockinson public schools.

​* 2023-2024 School Year​

Student Teacher Ratio*


Graduation Rate 2023


Enrolled Students*


Foundation Annual Funding

50k +

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